Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Craftyness

Ready for some more weekend craftiness?  
Check out this cute flower headband (and it's SO simple!)
All I used was 4 felt circles, fabric circles the same size as the felt circles, headband & glue gun.
First take one of the fabric circles and fold it in half 3 times.  Hot glue the tip of the flower and press onto the middle of the felt circle.
Continue to fold the fabric circles and hot glue the tips to the felt until you have filled the felt with the fabric 'petals'.
If the 'petals' appear a bit uneven they can be trimmed with fabric scissors.  The glue the two fabric circles together with the headband in between the felt circles.
I also used a 'pin' instead of a headband to create two more flowers
You should also run over and check out the inspiration for this flower.
Here is a little taste of a future post
Who doesn't love a little flower bling in the hair?  So Cute, So Easy, So Fun!

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