Monday, September 5, 2011

Leopard Print Boots - YES PLEASE

There are 2 things in the world of fashion I simply adore:
1. Boots
2. Animal Print
Much to my delight JCPenney had these incredible boots on sale last week!
They're perfect!  5" heel, black & gray (two colors I wear to work all week long), soft and velvety... They are adorable!  Normally I don't like to pay much for shoes so this was definitely a splurge for me - even after a $10 off coupon and the remainder of a gift card I spent $23.  All in all I can live with $23 out of pocket for these ladies.  Now I just need the weather in Ohio to cool off so I can wear them!!

Now for a REAL Bargain!! 

I scored these girls for $1 (YES 1 BUCK) at a Thrift Store last weekend.  Anne Klein pointy toe pumps - too cute (check out the animal print pillows - I ♥ them)! 
Unfortunately they won't fit my big feet so my little sister will get the pleasure of owning them!

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