Monday, September 26, 2011

T-shirt Flower Headband

Super Simple Craft - T-shirt Flower Headband

What you'll need:
1 Headband
1 Tshirt
Needle & Thread
Hot Glue Gun

I folded the t-shirt to create 4 layers of fabric.  Then I used a marker and traced 2 different sized circles a total of 3 times each.  Before I cut out the circles I stuck a straight in through all 4 layers to keep the fabric in place.  Next I cut slits around the circle to create 'petals' in each set of fabric circles.

Then I removed my pins and laid the smaller flower on top of the larger flower.

Now use your needle and thread to sew right in the middle of the flowers.  The tighter you pull the more the flower will bunch up.  You can also randomly stitch the center flower a little further out from the center to create more bunching and dimension in the flower.

Now you're ready to hot glue to the headband.  If you are using a thin headband I recommend using an extra small un-petaled circle to glue to the opposite side of the headband (using the headband in the middle of a flower/circle sandwich with glue).  Since my headband is wide I glued directly to the fabric flower.

Repeat the above steps to add as many flower as you would like on your headband.  I used 3, 1 larger and 2 smaller finished flower.
We think it turned out pretty cute!  Here is a link to the blog post that inspired this headband.  I've also made these necklaces & love them!!

The headband was made from a tie dye necklace - I love how it turned out!

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