Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ever wonder what to do with an old Bra?

I went in search of some garden inspiration online - looking for unique plant combo's for a large urn planter I picked up at Goodwill last fall for $4.00.  
Here is what inspired me!

This is called "Flowering C-cup" - got any bra's you want to re-purpose? (or a great fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research?)
This gave me a BIG chuckle!  I'd like to borrow her boots & do some line dancing - SO cute!
 Now I wish I hadn't thrifted my little ones old rainboots & cowgirl boots....
 This next photo is something I grew up seeing on our doorsteps & still at my G'ma's.
 This next pic is something I want to try!!  
I have a pair of heels I picked up garage-sailing for .50 that don't quite fit right.
 If I had old tires laying around I would totally do this!!  
I am now looking for some old tires if anyone has some they need to get rid of?
 I decided this is exactly what I want!  I love the Urban look of them.  Now if only the price tag was in my 'thrift store' budget...
Hope you were inspired by some of the things that inspired me!!  I will never look at an old bra the same way again...


Freckles and Fun said...

Oh no no...As your sister I need to put my foot down...although I'm crossing my fingers that you're joking about all of this.

~M~ said...

I'm totally joking about the bra planter! I would like the to try the tire planters and the urban ones are great too!

Candy said...

I have plenty of old tires if you ever get up to Toledo! Different sizes, we hold onto them until the Lucas county has a free tire recycling. Julie! Why do you hope she is joking? Some really cute ideas!!! =D