Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Time... Glazing Furniture

I decided I wanted to try something new with my furniture make-overs & I love the look of glazing!  I did some research online and read a few tutorials before I decided how I wanted to approach my chair.  I even spent some time at Menards talking to the paint guy.  He did suggest using technique glaze by Dutch Boy (a quart cost me around $8).
Here is the before of the chair I picked up at a garage sale for $2!!
First I primed it with Kilz Primer/Sealer (this way no sanding required)
 then I painted it with spray paint from Rustoleum in Lagoon
I think the first 'after' looks great!!  
Now check out the glazing I did (keep in mind its my first time)
I mixed about 1/4 c glaze with 1/8 c black paint (to tint it).  I brushed the mixture all over then used a damp towel to wipe off the glaze in all the spots I didn't want it to dry.  (Note: It left almost a brush like mark from the towel - in retrospect I would have used an old t-shirt type rag to wipe off the glaze for a softer look).
Here is an up close of the center of the chair.
How pretty does it look!! 
I even glazed the Cameo's - check it out below.  I found these girls at Goodwill for $1.49 (at first I passed them by but they are one of those items that lingered in my mind for a couple days...)
I primed them and then used the Lagoon Spray Paint to dress them up.  Since the glaze looked so nice on the chair I thought I'd accessorize these ladies with some glaze too!
 I think the more nooks and crannies a piece has the better the glaze looks!!
All of these projects cost me $5 before, then a little time, some existing primer, a $2.99 can of spray  paint and a little glaze made a world of difference!!

All Things Thrifty has a great video tutorial on glazing!  
Sometimes it really helps to see it done.


ShoopTroop said...

I like the chair.

Julie said...

Wow, those look so professional! I want to try a piece with heirloom white & a brownish glaze. I could never pull of those bright colored pieces in my house. Maybe once we redo the dining room, I could...ummm IF that ever happens...the bedroom is turning me off to home DIY projects.