Tuesday, June 7, 2011

$5 Before & After - Thrift Store Challenge (Totally Teal Chapter)

Here is my challenge to you... Take $5 (plus tax - bartering is completely acceptable!) to your favorite Thrift Store (or garage sale) and see what you can find. Then make-it-over into something more fabulous (see what I did with a $3.48 can of spray paint & 6 items)!!

Here is what I ended up with (BEFORE)!
 2 Black Spirally Candle Holders
 I love this candle holder
 Pedestal Candle Holder
Who can resist a rooster basket?!
Or a rooster candle holder...
Spiral Candle Holders After
This is totally adorable after!
Pedestal After
Rooster basket after
Rooster Candle Holder after!

I used one can of Kilz Primer (already had on hand) & Krylon Teal Spray Paint (3.48) to dress all of these up!!  Whatcha think?  Better After?  (I think so!)

Even Better Idea?  Makeover something you already have at home!!

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