Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Night Owl.... Hoot Lamp Makeover

Do you ever see a piece at a thrift store or Goodwill that stands out to you and you honestly can't figure out why?  You put this piece in your cart, walk around, talk yourself out of it and put it back.  Then the next time you visit you look at it again, thinking 'Why do I keep coming back to THIS?!'  Finally one day you are busy doing something else and this 'item' pops in your head - and in your head it's completely re-done.  At that point you race to the store hoping they still have that item?  (maybe it's just me...)

Sometimes I see a piece and immediately I know what its going to look like.  Other times I feel drawn to something really ugly and I don't honestly know why...  99.9% of the time I walk away from the items I'm not 100% sure of...  Then about 50% of the time when I know what to do with the 'walk away' its still there and I get to see the vision come fruition.
This post is about one of those items I passed by 3 times before I bought it... I am sure 'Hoot' as I call him was pretty disappointed when I put him back out of my cart (more than once..).  

He is a Ceramic Owl Lamp and looks like he was hand painted.
Now here is my dilemma - which shade?  

My original vision was Hoot painted purple with a black & white shade...  But the above shade came on another lamp I garage sailed this weekend & it doesn't fit my personal home style so I bought a new shade for my new lamp.  

This shade I found at Target on Clearance for $3.74!!!  
(Plus it was black & white - how crazy!)

Now I need to know which shade do YOU think looks better on 'Hoot' the Night Owl Lamp?  

I am hoping to start consigning my make-over's in a new store very soon.  Your help could make the difference on Hoot's Shopping Debut. 

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Julie said...

I like the b&w shade the best. Adds some funk. I like it!