Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabric Flower - Felt Flower - Ribbon Flower

I"ve been busy trying new fabric flowers all week long!  It's been SO much fun!  Check out what I've made & the tutorials I used to make them!

Flower #1 - Pretty Purple Pomela - check out the tutorial here from Craft Snob
Flower #2 - I used this Felt Flower Template and layered them, stitched on some pearls and hot glued it to a headband! 
(it was super easy - I pinned the pattern to the felt and cut away!!)
Flower #3 - My girls love this Satin Ribbon Flower with burnt edges
 Flower #4 - Gerber Daisy in Happy Orange Fabric Felt Flower - from this pattern/tutorial
 Flower #5 - This is my black & white version of this felt flower tutorial
 Flower #6 - Wild Side Flower Poppy Tutorial from here
 Flower #7 - Pretty Pink Posie - T-shirt Flower clip
This one my Sister taught me how to make
I prefer to put a hair clip on the back of each flower.  Then we can swap them off and on the headbands or wear as a pin on a sweater or clip to a blazer.  These flowers were SO EASY and SO MUCH FUN!!  Plus all of them cost under $1 to make (pin, hair clip or headband included!)  And if you're don't sew any of these can be made just using a hot glue gun!  Have a great weekend!! 

Stay tuned for the results of my first furniture glazing project too!!  (letting it dry now)


Julie said...

These are all great! The satin fabric is so cute- where did you get it?
I'm so jealous that you get to do all of this!! I look forward to the day when I have the time to sit & craft...but that means my boys will be more grown up so maybe I shouldn't be saying that! LOL Time for another sister-craft-day so I can get my fix! Till then I'll have to get my fix from seeing what you make - I love it!

~M~ said...

The satin came from Walmart in VW. It's the stuff I told you about at our last sister craft day. They have so many cute colors/prints!! I want to get more!
I wait till the girls are in bed before I get anything done.. It's my chillout time late late late in the evening...