Monday, June 13, 2011


So I've been wanting one of these for a lonnnnnngggg time.  We've visited many shelters and rescues trying to find the perfect match for us.  Then one day we visited Wise Footwear in Lima (great shoe store by the way) and they had 2 mini-Aussies running around (Cole & Boo).  They were adorable and the kids had so much fun playing Frisbee with them. 

I didn't know that Australian Shepherds came in 'mini' until then.  They were the perfect size, not too big but not a small dog either.  Our Dundee should be about 14"-16" full grown.  

I had a few Australian Shepard's growing up whom we loved! (Sam - Trixie - Buster)  We lived on a highway so their life span was usually cut short by a semi or car flying by...
After meeting Boo & Cole we decided to find out if there was a local breeder. 

I found Anderson Acres Mini Aussies from Columbus Grove Ohio.  It's wasn't too far away and her prices were incredibly reasonable compared to the other Ohio breeders I had found!
 Isn't he sweet?!
 (I had no idea that stain was on the couch till I took the pic - LOL)
 He likes his naps.
After the first visit (I'm really indecisive) we narrowed it down to 4 pups (Lucy - Eddie - Denzel - plus our Dundee).  It was really tough since Lucy is SO friendly and sweet, but I really like male dogs so I narrowed it down to Denzel & Dundee.  I finally settled on Dundee since  honestly I had the name picked out and he was the only one who 'fit' the name.

I really need to get a pic of his cute little backside - he looks just like a little teddy bear!


Penny@ "WDWS Design Trends" said...

Michelle, he is adorable! I love reds! I can't wait to meet him. I groomed Cage & Cali today and they are fluff balls:)

~M~ said...

Me too! He was the only red she had and his Mom was a red. He's precious. I'm so happy we got him ;-) We'll have to have an 'aussie' party sometime! LOL