Thursday, May 19, 2011

Da Dress...

So.... I bought this dress because 1. It was 50% off at Goodwill (1.90).  2. I thought I would give it my sister.  Then I got it home and decided I really liked the fabric, so I planned to add it to my Sun Room 'planning box'.  I was going to re-cover two chair cushions with it (note still looking for those 2 chairs...).  Then tonight I decided to paint the oval frames red, modge podge the fabric to the cardboard backing of the frames and then modge podge the printed pictures to the fabric.
(Here is a sneak peek of the frames)
Before I ripped into the seam I thought I should give it a whirl just to see what I thought of the dress (I am obsessed with dresses, love how they feel, how they fit, how girly they are).  Putting it on was a BIG mistake...
It's SO cute!  (Darn my cute curves they really look great in a dress.)  
(As for my arms - I'm working on those!  Running on my treadmill does nothing for my arms so my awesome friend came over to demo a at home workout for me).  If you are looking for 'Healthy Lifestyles for Women' my awesome friend is hosting a class a couple days a month!  It's great and its local and its totally free!  I can always use the accountability and love new suggestions on how to life more healthy!

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Freckles and Fun said...

Hey miss fancy pants, I have a SUPER idea for those frames. It's a secret project that I'm workin on. I'll have to tell you when we chat next. Seriously, the idea is pretty much perfect...oh wait...are these for your porch? Then nevermind...if it's for Gab's room, it's perfect. I'm tackling my project this week...and no worries, it doesn't involve HOT GLUE!
I love the dress! You look great in it! You need to have Kristin show you the zumba dance that kills my arms EVERY time...not that you NEED the workout though, I think you look great!