Monday, March 21, 2011

Picture Frame Wall

Upcoming Project!
A good friend was cleaning house and found all these treasures!  I've been inspired by pictures online of picture wall makeovers.  I am hoping by this summer I'll have enough to turn my 'glory bubble' wall into a wall of frames!  Thanks to Beth for the donation to my inspiration!
I've been inspired by these picture frame walls!
This one I love the dark wall with the white contrasting frames.
Again this one the contrast is great plus the various shapes, sizes, styles of frames.
This one is by far my favorite with the colored frames and writing on the wall. 

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Candy said...

What a gorgeous idea! I have never seen anything like that before. based on the work I have seen you do so far I can only imagine how impressive your wall will be! (I am Julie's friend, BTW =D) I wanted to give you a tip, which you may or may not already know, but as a scrappbooker I have a Cricut Machine which is basically a fancy die-cutting machine. But they make adhesive vinyl (and other types, too) which the Cricut can cut so you can make your own vinyl, canvas, thin metal, etc words and/or pictures for pennies on the dollar! Check out a scrapbook store near you (not sure where exactly you are but I can help you find one relatively close) because most of them will let you use their cricut machines and cartridges to cut most anything. You would have to buy the material you want to cut, but the rest is simple! Good luck!