Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Syroco Butterflies

If you were homemaking in the 80's these beauties may look very familiar and bring back tacky memories.  If you are like me & don't really remember the 80's then you'll appreciate the re-make of this awesome product - Syroco!
I've been eyeing these butterflies (already made-over) on Etsy.com - thinking how cute they would be in our bedroom makeovers.  On one of my thrifting trips I found a zip lock bag of 8 of them for .80¢ & another bag of 3 for .30¢.  Then at a second thrift store I discovered more.. You can only imagine my excitement!
All it took was a quick spritz of Krylon Spray Paint and a coat of glitter spray paint (a new fav product from Hobby Lobby) pretty cute makeover!

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