Sunday, March 13, 2011

JCP Rocks my Closet

If you know me very well you know I absolutely LUV JCP &  I love fashion and putting clothing together this shoes and accessories!  I can't hardly walk in less than a 4" heel without feeling completely awkward!  While we were on our x-pedition to St Mary's Ohio we stopped at JCPenney.  I always check the clearance racks first.  Our original total (before my coupon & clearance pricing) was 262.00.  You'll have to scroll down to see what my final total was (its def worth the wait!)

I spent all winter searching for a new sweater dress to wear with leggings (I know not everyone is a legging fan, but I love feeling like I'm wearing jammies all day long!) I never did find a new dress this winter so today was really x-citing!

I tried to take pics of myself in all of these, but I felt ridiculous and the pics weren't coming out like I'd like so I gave up and just took normal pics.
First the Black Sweater Dress I've been looking for, R&K Dress - Originally $60 (I paid 10.17)
Then this ALYX Cowlneck Sweater dress I have been eying online for quite awhile but never brought myself to pay the 
$70 original price tag (I paid 11.87)
Final Dress - another that I have looked at but assumed it wouldn't handle my short curvy frame. By Bisou Bisou (one of my fav brands) 
Originally $60 (I paid 10.17). 
2 Tank tops for summer.
Originally 14.00 each - I paid 3.57 each
Finally for me a pretty pink lacy looking top that will be cute as can be over a shell or tank with some dark jeans or pencil skirt.  
Originally 44.00 - I paid 2.52
Remember that Original total of $262?  
My final cost $41.87 for 3 tops & 3 dresses


Julie said...

I love em all...and I'm secretly hoping something doesn't fit so it can end up in my closet :) hehehe

~M~ said...

Maybe we can work out an exchange.. You give me a 'made-by-Julesuz' handbag and I'll raid my closet for you!