Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Home Wednesday... Hair & Hare

Today is all about Hare/Hair... 
Spring is here - check out the babies in our backyard. They all survived a graze by the mower, Momma Bunny dug her hole nice and deep.  We couldn't decide if there were 5 or 6 of them... Don't worry we didn't disturb them (other than maybe the flash of the camera)
 The bunny lover in me wants to let them live but the gardener in me wants to let our dog run loose...
Now onto the really important Hair ;-)  I am in dire need of cut/color/highlights!  Its been since December since I've done anything (bad I know!)  What should I do?  I dug up some pics to see if maybe it would sway me one way or another...
This is from a couple weekends ago... Long, slightly curled, medium brown.
LOL - not sure what I was thinking... Long & Straight and dark blond
This is the SHORTEST I have ever had my hair & its really blond!
           Longer, Light Blond, slightly curled with bangs (check out my adorable nephew!!)
Medium Length - dark with highlights
Long and dark (I wish the darkness would stick but it won't ~ always lightens in a week)

NOW - what do I do?  
I'm not sure.. 
I'm super lazy Mon thru Fri its in a knotted pony tail ~ weekends I try to make it look cute ;-)
What do you think?
-Short or Long or Medium
-Darker or Lighter


DonnaSUN said...

Longer, Light Blond, slightly curled with bangs OR Longer and Darker.

Ellen said...

The forth picture where you're holding Keston (???)...that's how I like your hair best! :)

ShoopTroop said...

I agree with Ellen. The color is more natural looking and the curls make you look "fun", which you are!!!

ShoopTroop said...

I like your longer, lighter, curly hair. :) But you'll look great with whatever. Show pics when you've done it.
~Sarah S.