Friday, April 8, 2011

I have discovered.... Modge Podge!!

I am pondering 'why' I never tried Modge Podge before?  Where has this gem been all my life?  It's so simple and so amazing!  Before our bedroom side table that I thrifted from Goodwill for $2.99.

Then this week after I discovered Modge Podge & Scrapbook paper together are AMAzing!
I also discovered what I can use that range hood in my kitchen for!  It makes an awesome heat setter for Modge Podge ~ I could have let it air dry but why when I finally found a purpose for the heat setting of the fan?
Next up?  Can you guess what I'm going to try to do with this?
Stay tuned this weekend for the 'after'! I've got a busy weekend planned:
1. Its my cook like a crazy person with my girls and stock the freezer weekend - stay tuned for favorite recipes.
2.Visit my neighbors garage sale for fun makeover finds.
3. Work on a Dresser make-over, petal tank, 2 pillow covers, baby blanket, ect...
Its all on my 'list' but some items will get 'bumped' in favor of cuddle time & board games with the family ;-)


DonnaSUN said...

What is Modge Podge, and how do I do it??

~M~ said...

Modge Podge is basically a glue/sealer. I picked mine up at Walmart in the craft isle by the paint (was around 3.00). To Modge Podge paper you spread the Modge Podge with a brush (or I used my fingers) in a layer like you would any kids gluing project. They say you should also brush Modge Podge onto the backside of your paper also, but I didn't. I just laid it on the glue and pressed out any bubbles. Then I brushed a layer of Modge Podge over the paper and let it dry overnight until it was hard.
It's SO easy and quick that table took me all of 5min to Modge Podge. I'm def doing it again - I have a dresser for Mel's room that I want to do it on the top. I also picked up a elephant magazine holder at a garage sale I want to modge podge.
Check out this blog - I ran across it yesterday - has tons of cute ideas!