Saturday, April 16, 2011

Evolution of a shirt... into a necklace??!!

So there is this blog that I love to check out... For sometime I've been wanting to try their shirt to necklace makeover.  I came across the perfect shirt at a Thrift Store for $1.
I followed THIS simple tutorial (it took me literally 15 min start to finish).
Super Cute - Super Easy 
(Plus no metal touching my skin!  I'm hyper sensitive to ALL metal's ~ even wearing jeans breaks me out some days.)  
This is a great way to re-use a shirt that maybe got stained or has a hole in it!  Could also make a great gift for someone with nickel allergies too!!

PLUS CHECK OUT my weekend bargains!!  
Shopped a Kohl's Clearance with Mom's 30% off Coupon!
 ELLE Cardigan - Regular 49.99 ~ I paid 7.00!
 Candies High Heeled Beauties!!  Regular $59.99 ~ I paid 12.49!
I LOVE heels, Love LoVe LOVE them!  They turn my 5'4" into 5'8" 
(and save me oodles of time hemming all my pants!)
Super cute work shoes for this summer & make my feet very happy!!!

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sisters4saymoreismore said...

no you didn't get those shoes for 12 bucks!!! i am SO going to kohls!!!! gorgeous necklace!!! i love the pattern on that shirt, way cool idea!