Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

The first few times I saw this made I must be honest it did not look or sound appealing (at all!) My co-workers raved about it and continually made it for carry-in's.  Well, they were right.  This salad is definitely worth raving about.  In fact, there are never any leftovers.  Make this... its delicious!  I could honestly eat the entire dessert myself (True Story: I served it this weekend and put back a dish for after the party was over.  Needless to say my family hovered over my bowl begging for a bite!)
Butterfingers Grape Salad
4 lbs grapes (a mixture of green and red seedless)
1/2 c Brown Sugar sugar
8 oz cream cheese, softened
8 oz Cool Whip
4 crushed Butterfingers candy bars (easily crushed if frozen and then put in a Ziploc back and hammered)


1.  Blend the cream cheese, sugar, and cool whip until smooth.  Mix in with the cleaned, whole grapes.
2.  Sprinkle crushed candy bar over the grape mixture right before serving.

I like to make the grape/cream cheese mixture the night before and leave my crushed Butterfingers in the freezer until I'm ready to serve. 

If you have had this you know how incredible every bite is, if you haven't you will want to try this recipe out (but make sure you hide a second helping away for later!)


DonnaSUN said...

I'm definitely trying this.

ShoopTroop said...

Gram gave this recipe to me over the phone after you had made it for one of the family get-togethers. We tried it with a green and red grape mixture, also very tasty and pretty. So easy!!!
Aunt Bren