Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Craft

Looking for a super simple yet fun craft this weekend?

I absolutely LUV these necklaces!  They are so simple to make and for someone with nickel or metal sensitivity they're perfect!  Also a great way to re-use/re-cycle an old t-shirt!
All you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors!
Lay the shirt flat and cut strips (I cut them about 1/2 in wide).
 Stretch each strip out as far as you can (it will naturally form a yarn like rope).  For a thicker necklace cut more strips (for a bracelet I use 3 strips - 2 for the bracelet and one for the knot)
Continue to wrap the knot rope over the bracelet/necklace until you only have a small piece left - then tuck the ends under the loops you have just made to secure your knot.
 There are lots of options for this necklace!  This pink one I braided some of my ropes and added them in.  I also made a t-shirt swirl flower with rhinestones and sewed it onto the necklace knot.
 This one is a simple pink necklace that I clipped one of my  homemade leather flowers onto (hair clip flower fit perfectly into the knots!
 This one was made from a green tie dye t-shirt.
The possibilities are endless!!


Christy said...

This has been on my "todo" list for months! I may just set down and do it today. :)

~M~ said...

You'll have to let me know how it turns out! I saw them on etsy one day and finally figured it out (the stretching part boggled my mind for a few days.. LOL).

ShoopTroop said...
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ShoopTroop said...
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